Our 6 most instagrammable running spots

When you like to run with your eyes wide open, you engrave beautiful memories in your heart… But I know you also like to share your memories, don’t play innocent, and you are looking for the best spots to take a picture to share…

So here is my little TOP of the most Instagrammable places along the urbirun routes!

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urbirun tour : New York  Brooklyn Classic and New York Iconic Bridges (long or short version)
Location: Washington Street & Water Street – location
Atmosphere: surprisingly, it’s usually pretty quiet (at least the 2–3 times I ran there), and I even could intsall the tripod down in the middle of the intersection… 
My little tip: if you frame well, you can even put the Empire State Building right in the frame of a bridge pier (which I obviously didn’t do there…)
Surroundings: you’re in the middle of D.U.M.B.O. (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass), and close by you have the East River Walk, which takes you under the 2 most iconic bridges (Manhattan and Brooklyn) of the city, and offers countless other exceptional viewpoints.
And of course, a little New York bonus: if you run early enough, you’ll be almost alone on the legendary Brooklyn Bridge, and so you’ll be able to take lots of beautiful pics with the bridge, its pillars, its cables, and downtown in the background. My advice is to run from Brooklyn towards Manhattan (this is what the 2 urbirun routes do, to take advantage of the best viewpoints).


urbirun tour
: Rome Highlights and Rome Trastevere
Location: Colosseum, south side – location
Atmosphere: obviously, go early. Otherwise it will be crowded. But in the morning you can be very quiet.
My little tip: just before leaving the place when the Colosseum is behind you, you stop and turn around and you can then take both the Arco di Constantino and the Colosseum.
Surroundings: both routes then take you to the Circus Maximus, the greatest stadium of all time, and it’s worth saying you ran there.


urbirun route
: San Francisco Golden Gate
Location: the Golden Gate (I tell you about this unforgettable run here) – location
Atmosphere: windy, and obviously quite crowded. But if you do the whole crossing, you’ll find quieter places, as people stay mostly at the ends, and there are more than 2km of bridge, so you’ll for sure find some space on the way.
My little tip: the picture is taken on the south side running north (the urbirun route goes the other way), so you can see the hills on the north side
Surroundings: all the surroundings on the north side, when you run the urbirun route, are beautiful, and offer many incredible views.


urbirun tour
: Paris – The Seine, from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower
Location: Bir-Hakeim Bridge – location
Atmosphere: on the central span of the bridge (pedestrians and cyclists), you are under the railway viaduct which supports the metro, and the line of art-nouveau metal pillars offer beautiful perspectives. On the other 2 spans, cars are on the road.
My tip: choose the place where the perspective is almost exclusively metallic.
Surroundings: in the middle of the bridge, you can go down to the very narrow Swan Island, if you want to run in the middle of the Seine. The Eiffel Tower is not far from here.


urbirun tour
: Miami Beach – South Beach
Location: beach between 3rd and 25th street, this is where the square is the widest, lined with dozens of colourful and different lifeguard huts (you’ll be spoilt for choice) – location
Atmosphere: oceanic, and seaside… the quietness clearly depends on the time of day, as do the temperature. You don’t like running in the sand? Don’t worry, the beach is wide, and on a large part of it, the sand is very packed, and rather hard.
My tip: go there for the sunrise, which is very often beautiful, and the temperature is very pleasant that moment of the day.
Surroundings: but Miami Beach is not only a beach, as you will see it along the tour. The Flamingo Park with its athletics track with a very “American” atmosphere, the Art-Deco buildings, the park in front of the Bass Museum and the colourful pile of Miami Mountain. You won’t take just one picture, for sure.


urbirun tour
: London Highlights and London Thames & more
Location: on the banks of the Thames in front of the Tower of London (Traitors Gate) – location
Atmosphere: quiet in the morning, then hardly runnable as the day goes on.
My tip: go early in the morning, and play with the backlight and the Tower Bridge
Surroundings: Tower Bridge is nearby, and on the other side of the Thames (cross by Tower Bridge) the banks are pedestrianised, for several km westwards to Westminster

There are obviously other magnificent places in which I had the chance to run, but I had to make a selection, choices, and I took the most “classic” ones… Soon maybe a new short selection…
And you can also try our other audio-guided routes, or in .GPX format, and let yourself be surprised during your run, by what we have chosen to show you…
Running is good for the legs, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be good for the eyes too…

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