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With urbirun's self-audioguided running tours, experience running an unknown city, on your own, with eyes wide open.
No need to choose between running and visiting, forget your map.
All you need is your smartphone, the GPS, your earbuds, an app, and you are all set to run, following your own urbirun audioguide.
You are going to love running the city.

And NEW AT URBIRUN, you can now download .GPX FILES of our routes, for your sportwatch or smartphone. Check-it out !

2021 ADVENTURE : from May29th to June 12th follow the urbirun Swiss Crossing Lake2Lake Adventure here and on our social media !

Run, explore

urbirun audioguide is your virtual running partner to explore the city on your own. A real private and free city tour : download the route, listen for directions, run to city's landmarks, and enjoy stories.

urbirun guides you along the streets, to show you the best, and help you experience the city’s stories.

You run at your own pace, listening to directions, stories, and to your favorite music, following our running tours made by runners for runners. Don’t just run anymore, be urbirunner

NEW : all our tours (and even unpublished ones) are now available as .GPX routes files. Check-it out here.

How does it run?

1. Download

Download the free izi.TRAVEL app (for geolocation).

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How does it run?

2. Select one of our routes

Choose your route from the website.
Download the selected tour (to use it off-line (no data transfer) on the izi.TRAVEL app).

How does it run?

3. Run

Open the izi.TRAVEL app.
Select the previously downloaded urbirun tour.
Join the route to start wherever you want along the track, check your GPS position.
Start the app, as soon as you are ready to run.

To get the most from your urbirun experience, it’s better to mute the sound of your running app.

Enjoy your run.

We have a route for you

Wether you are with friends in London, on a business trip in Berlin, on a romantic getaway in Paris, on a family trip in Rome, training in Copenhagen ?

Wherever you are, whoever your are, history or architecture lover, fun facts fan, explorer, curious, contemplative, walker, casual runner, or marathoner,
urbirun with your eyes and ears along our running tours. Be urbirunner.

And NEW AT URBIRUN, you can now download .GPX FILES of our routes, for your sportwatch or smartphone. Check-it out !

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