New York - Brooklyn Classic

Distance : 12.2km / 7.6mi (*10km/6.2mi)
Elevation : low (bridges)
Direction : depending on where you start : north circle (Manhattan), clockwise / south circle (Brooklyn) counterclockwise
Parks/Pedestrian : 4.8km (ca 44%)
Urban constraints : New-Yorker...

Suggested start : corner Lafayette st/Canal st, facing east (Centre st)
As any urbirun route, you can start wherever you want. Watch for the route direction.
Public transportation : Subway, Canal Street station (N, Q, R, 4, 6, 6X, J, Z lines)

From Chinatown to Brooklyn, you cross the East River on two different bridges. Discover the DUMBO district and its rough cobblestone streets, former docks and piers, Brooklyn Heights' famous brownstone houses. And of course experience the legendary crossing of the Brooklyn Bridge, and its incredible view of the New York skyline. Classic, essential, unforgettable... New York, absolutely !

Alternative route : 10km not running along the piers and Brooklyn Heights. Use the footbridge after Pier 1 (note that running around Pier 6 lenghtens the long route by 500m

NB : if you feel unsure, check your position on the map and the track

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