Marathon check-list

Be sure not to forget anything on D day…

For me, for you, my short and ultimate “marathon running check-list”, already tested a few times. To use before packing, and/or before leaving home/hotel the morning of the race.

Feel free to adapt it according to the season, of course.

Running shoes (ah ah, yes, it seems so obvious that it’s still the thing you might forget)

Short (otherwise it’s naked butt, and it’s true that maybe in this case no one will over pass you, but it would be pretentious to bet on this to aim for the podium)

T-shirt (short and / or long depending on the weather)


Legs (for the first third of race)

Head (for the second third)

Heart and soul (for the third third)



Belt-banana for your “fuel” (and your smartphone?)

Armband for smartphone (there is already enough to do, no need to carry it in hand)

Sportwatch / cardio + charger (don’t look too often at it)

Smartphone or mp3 player + charger (if you like music)

Headphones (especially if you like music, because others around do not necessarily enjoy the same music, or prefer the silence or the atmosphere)

Contact lenses, not to have yoyur glasses slipping down all the way long, and for enjoying the scenery


Sunscreen (except for night or rainy marathons, of course)

Plaster for tits (2 is better)

Sweat/pullover for waiting (not too freeze too much, as you are also afraid)

 Plastic vest for waiting (wind-proof, rain-proof  - personally I make vests from the plastics of laundry-services, very practical and light)

Beverage for waiting

– Food (according to your tastes, being specified that the fondue is very impractical to carry with – I prefer the effort-gels and fruit paste isostar, for example)

Lucky charms (horseshoe, fetish panties, etc.)

Registration documents

Passport copy

Medical certificate (if required)

Bib (it is the paper with the big number to put on the belly)

Safety pins (in case you lose those you’ll get, so you won’t stress to find some)

Planned pace and time for your supporters

– (List to be completed according to small personal specifics, we all have some of them)

If you don’t forget anything in this list, you should not forget anything.

Unless I forgot to put something on the list …

Have a good race…

(PS : and remember your first start, your first bib and how to be sure you are in the last week before your marathon)    

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