In a quarter turn

As you know, I like running and I like to visit and explore while I am running…
And I take picture, and I use urbirun, so I always have my smartphone with me …
And you probably (or not) wonder how do I carry it …?

I have put it into a running belt for a long time, and always have found that convenient and comfortable. I am still using my Fitletics running belt, to carry my keys, my papers, the hôtel card, and sometimes even some food…

But I never used an armband, in my mind that is a not practical device, but one day I tried the QUAD LOCK armband.

So why did I try this one, and what do I think of it?

I discovered it randomly from a Facebook post, and what directly piqued my interest are 2 things:

  • It’s not a plastic pouch

  • Super easy access to the phone

So I said to myself : This one is the armband you need, and presto, it’s ordered.

I got it in a small package. At first I thought I received a smartphone : the box looks almost like a new smartphone. I unpack it, and this impression continues.

But what you think is a smartphone is only a shell. And what you think is the charging cable, is an armband, but only an armband, no cover, no pouch, nothing ..

Well, a shell is always useful, especially for me who have the reputation of being a little clumsy… So I put my phone in the shell, and the phone is now protected by an elegant black rubber shell, pleasant to touch, and looking solid.

So far nothing special will you say, and you are right. And yet this is where all the ingenuity of this armband is : you can fix this very easily on the armband, in a quarter turn. And all the same, in a quarter turn, your phone is no longer on the armband, it’s in your hand and you can use it…

So you just have to put your arm in the armband (easy, that’s made for that), you place it as you feel it, and you tighten with the velcro. And then, in a quarter turn, your phone is properly fixed to your arm, and let’s go for a run !

And how is it to run with it?

The armband is wide and comfortable. It does not move at all, neither on the skin, nor on long sleeve running gear. The velcro is good quality, and still remains as brand new, even after many many uses.

With the phone fixed on it, in a quarter turn, the all stuff remains very stable, even when you are running, and quite frankly, you really quickly forget about it.

So you run, happy to run the urbirun running-tour in Prague, and you definitely think it’s a beautiful city, and you’d like to get some souvenirs pictures of your run, because this urbirun route really guided you to see very nice stuff, like this huge giant crawling baby, or the view from the Castle Hill…

And so, in a quarter turn, you get your smartphone, you take a picture, and in a quarter turn the phone is back on the armband, and you are running again, thinking : this armband is really cool…

And you’re right. I thought exactly the same, even if I confess, my first experiences with it were not run in a place as beautiful as Prague or Lisbon, but in fact during some usual runs in my area.

But since then, I took my Quad Lock armband to Edinburgh, London, Munich, Lausanne, Miami, Chicago, New York, Porto and I do not know where else. I used it during races, that I did not win (yes, despite all its qualities, the Quad Lock does not make you run faster), but in short, my armband ran a lot of kilometers, took many pictures, and I’m still very happy with it…

And when you do not run, either you remove the Quad Lock shell, or you let it on, like I do, and it protects your phone as usual, and elegantly according to me (I’ve always been more for shell than cover, or so).

So if you are looking for a practical and comfy armband, and want to keep your smartphone accessible in a quarter turn, well, I would say that you found what you need. I did.

And thanks this armband you’ll be able to take great memories of your urbiruns exploring the most beautiful cities in the world

If you want it, or want to know more and see videos, simply click here (if you subscribe to the quadlock newsletter before ordering, you’ll get 10% off, chhht) : https://www.quadlockcase.com/

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