Fitletic Blitz running belt

The smartphone is an indispensable accessory for the urbirunner. Accessory #3, after legs and shoes, except for the utlra-ultraminimalists, who think the mobile phone is enough…

But precisely, your smartphone, how do you carry it when you run?

Personally I usually use a “passport-banana”, flat and thin. Not at all suitable for running, but it makes the job. And I confess, I never tried to run with an armband.

But I recently got a real running belt: the Fitletic Blitz running belt.

First impression: the postal box is much too big for that, and they spent a lot of tape… But otherwise, it is a waist pouch, with a wide elastic belt and a central fastener. It is also very easily adjustable (even while running) in case you lose one or two waist size during your run …

The material is pleasant to the touch, the whole thing looks durable and comfortable.

So I tested it. And so I ran.

I wore it directly on the skin. The elastic waist belt is wide and comfortable, no irritation (I had some very occasionally, with my “pouch”, on my hip bones). The belt does not move at all, not even during the run, probably thanks to the small plastic dots on the back of the pouch. It is very stabile, it “does not jump here and there”, no need to put it inside your short’s belt. I forgot very quickly that I was wearing it.

The pouch is made of neoprene. Waterproof, and therefore sweatproof, and rainproof (runner’s rule #1: it’s never bad weather). The fabric is slightly stretchy. Large enough for my Samsung S6 and its case. On the other hand if you also run with your wallet, your laptop, the keys of the house, of the office and Mamie’s home, it may quickly be a too small…

The pouch has 2 separated compartments, thanks to a thin waterproof membrane. So your 100 euro notes, your metro tickets, or whatever, are not soaked with sweat after your work-out. There is also a smaller compartment, perfect for slipping your home’s keys.

And for urbirunners, and music fans, there’s a small hole to get the headphones’ cable out. Personally I think this is useless, because you can always pass the cable at the end of the zipper, and so it’s easier to get the phone out when you want to take some pictures along your run.

Yes, because with urbirun, I promise, you will want to stop to take some great pictures of the places you’ll run by or through.

Conclusion of these few tests, carried out under completely professional conditions, and in various environments: Bois de Boulogne, along the St-Martin canal, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in the mountains and in the forest in the Swiss Alps, during work-out and race (Lausanne 20km, Tour du Chablais) :

*Very comfortable.

*Very stabile.

*Convenient size (large smartphone, 1–2 keys, 1–2 tickets, and an isostar bar

*Slightly extensible material.

*Durable and probably long term resistant. I’ll keep you informed after 1000km, if I still think about it …

So, I keep this running belt.

PS: This belt was given to me by Accessoires-Running as prize of a competition on the urbirun facebook page.
You can buy it for 26.99 euros here.

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