7 (+1) things to do for free in London

London is said to be an expensive city.

But it’s worth a trip, so here are some tips for free and cool things to do in London, without going bankruptcy…

1. Crossing the Thames, downunder…
Yes it is possible, and even keeping dry (some days it is even one of the driest places in London). How do you do that? It’s almost like the Eurostar train, but cheaper, and without the plastic sandwiches. You even have choice : the Greenwich tunnel (1904, 370m) or the Woolwich tunnel (1912, 504m long). So if you like long corridors, it is a very original place to walk/run, and in addition you can make cool pictures with nice perspectives.

2. Travel on an old double-decker red bus
For free, yes, it is possible, and in addition you’ll time travel, using some old famous red double-deck busses still in operation : you will find them on line 15, between Tower Hill and Trafalgar Square. There is a controller, but he just counts the passengers. You’ll feel fifty years back, and will travel for free between the Tower of London, Saint-Paul’s Cathedral and Trafalgar Square…

3. Visit Westminster Abbey, where all the kings got married
The King’s church is not free. Normal. But the trick is to go there during Mass. Almost every day, there is a short mass and concert with free access. So into religion or not, if you want to see the inside, it’s a good way to, and you can enjoy a moment of rest during your day, listening to beautiful music. You only have to present there about fifteen minutes before. You can do the same at St. Paul’s Cathedral and even at the Royal Chapel of the Tower of London. Check out the websites for timetables.

4. The changing of the guard
It is very classic, but it’s a kind of must-see. You can see it every day in front of Buckingham Palace at 11am30. And for the changing of the Horse Guards, go in front of Horse Guards at Whitehall, every day at 11am. There are no big grids (and fewer people), you can approach the impassive guards closely, before and after the ceremony.

5. Go to the museum
London’s museums are almost all free. From the most classic, such as the National Gallery, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum, to the Tate Modern Gallery in an old power station, or the Imperial War Museum. An ideal way to occupy a rainy afternoon (yes it sometimes happens in London). And there are plenty of museums of any kind.

6. Walking around the neighborhoods
London presents very diverse districts, with the most vaious atmospheres. “The place to be” right now is Shoreditch, north of The City. So if you like bearded men in checkered shirts (and even if you do not like them), designer boutiques, trendy bars, streetfood hangars, street-art or contemporary art galleries, go there. A very cool walk, but you might come back with sime vintage trinket from a shop …

7. Getting on top of a skyscraper for the panorama
London and skyscrapers? You’ll probably think to The Shard, this tall glass needle, from the top of which, it is true, the panorama is magnificent. But the elevator is expensive, and you do not have access to the stairs. So if you like to see the city from above, there is another way: the Sky Garden in the “Walkie Talkie” (20 Fenchurch St.), on the northern bank of the Thames. It’s not as high as The Shard, but with 160m, you already can enjoy a great 360 ° view over the city. And yes it’s free. You only need to book, and that’s it.

8. Sightseeing with urbirun
I kept the best for the end … Normal, the dessert is in the end. Except that this dessert I advise you to have it in the morning, when the streets are still quiet, and that you can enjoy London almost as if it were yours.
We provide 4 different tours, so it’s up to you. The quietest? “Notting Hill and Regent’s Canal” without forgetting to visit the 2 stations of Saint-Pancras and King’s Cross when you finish. Or the Thames for a magnificent overview of all the highlights of the city. Or maybe you prefer parks? Or the total highlights tour, including Saint-Paul’s Cathedral? … It’s up to, you have the choice … And it is free … In London, as in any other city…

Urbirun free downloadable running tours in London
**You want to run along the Thames from White chapel to Westminster (9.7km or 7.4km), click here https://urbirun.com/en/circuits/london-thames-and-more
**You want to explore Notting Hill, and Little Venice, hear roaring wild beasts, and cross the locks in Camden (9.9km or 7.5km), click here https://urbirun.com/en/circuits/london-notting-hill-and-regent-s-canal
**You want to enjoy all the great classics (12.3km or 13.3km), click here https://urbirun.com/en/circuits/london-highlights
**You want to stroll in the parks and the classy neighborhoods (12km ou 9km), click here https://urbirun.com/en/circuits/london-parks-soho

And for more cool tips about London, visit www.londonhut.com

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