Run in Moscow

These tours are imagined and created with the URBIRUN mindset, to guide you and show you the very best of a place.
Attention, these tours are only .gpx files you can download for your sport watch or smartphone. 
These tours are not audioguided tours and have no audio comments.

Distance : 3 different distances available 12km (image), 8.3km or 6.7km
Elevation : flat
Direction: clockwise for all 3 tours
Urban constraints : low

Almost all urbirun routes and running-tours are now available as .gpx file for your sport watch or smartphone, and it is here :

Let's take you to the very best of Moscow, around Kremlin to Red Square, through modern and ancient parks, enjoying amazing views, iconic statues, and a cathedral with a crazy history.

Download the urbirun route as GPX file for your sport watch or smartphone, and be guided to explore the best of Moscow. 

urbirun Moscow 12km / tour.gpx urbirun Moscou 8.3km / tour.gpx urbirun Moscow 6.7km
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