Manchester - 3 tours as .gpx files

These tours are imagined and created with the URBIRUN mindset, to guide you and show you the very best of a place.
Attention, these tours are only .gpx files you can download for your sport watch or smartphone. 
These tours are not audioguided tours and have no audio comments.

Distance :
Manchester Centre : 10.2km/6.2milwa
Manchester Canals and West : 11.5km/6.8miles
Manchester East and Canals : 8km/5miles or 10.5km/6.2miles
Elevation : flat
Direction: clockwise for all 3 tours
Urban constraints : low

Almost all urbirun routes and running-tours are now available as .gpx file for your sport watch or smartphone, and it is here :

Run in Manchester, Central
Distance : 10.2km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
A tour to all of Manchester landmarks, including City Hall, Cathedral, Museums, and of course canals, locks and former docks. A very nice route to get the very best of this city in "one shot".
urbirun Manchester Central 10.2km - tour.gpx

Run in Manchester, East and Canals
Distance : 10.5km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
Explore Manchester Canals and East district. From the city center, to very beautiful canal paths, locks, and bridges, quiet charming neighborhood, you'll even run close to Manchester City Stadium.
urbirun London Central &Canaux est 10.5km - tour.gpx
Shorter option 8km, without detour to Manchester City stadium, and with fewer canals.
urbirun Manchester Central & Canaux est 8km - tour.gpx>

Run in Manchester, Canals and West
Distance : 11.5km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
Explore Manchester Canals and West docks, now a modern area with beautiful buildings. You'll even run close to the iconic Old Trafford, Manchester United Stadium, quiet canal banks, and even roman ruins...
urbirun Manchester - Canaux de l'ouest 11.5km - tour.gpx

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urbirun Manchester - All tours full package

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