Ljubljana - Highlights

Distance : 12.1km / 7.5mi (*8.3km/5.15mi)
Elevation : medium
Rotation : counterclockwise
Parks/Pedestrian : 6.2km/3,85mi (ca 51%)
Urban constraints : very low

Suggested start : Mestni Trg, Town Hall / as any urbirun route, you can start wherever you want. Watch for the route rotation direction.
Public transportation : --

Straddling the Slavic and Mediteranean worlds, is the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, whose cobbled streets, serenity, riverwalks, forest, will defintively charm you. You will run from a beautiful old town center to the views from the castle hill, exploring a beautiful forest, a village-like neighborhood, and beautifully landscaped wharves. At the same time calm and animated, this small town will surprise you in many aspects, and is absolutely worth a run.

*Alternative route : 12.1 with a run in the forest / 8.3 without the forest and only a short run in the Park
You'll be able to select between different distances during your run.

NB : if you are unsure, check your position on the map and the track.

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