Run in Barcelona - Olympic

Distance : 15.3km (9.5mi), with possibility to stop and shorten the route, after 3 different distances, close to underground stations : 7.5km (4.65mi), 8.7km (5.4mi), or 13.1km (8.15mi) + possibility to shorten (2.2km less) the  longest 2 routes. 
Elevation : high, Montjuic hill to climb
Direction : Linear, from west to east
Parks/pedestrians : ca 7.75km (ca 50%)
Urban constraint : low

Strarting point : Plaza d'Espanya, access with underground L1, L3, L8, station Espanya
Finish 1 : underground station Drassanes L3 (7.5km, close to Ramblas) / 
Finish 2 : underground station Barceloneta L4 (8.7km close to Barceloneta) /
Finish 3 : underground station Ciutadela Vila Olimpica L4 (13.1km close to Parc Ciutadela) /
Finish 4 : underground station Llacuna L4 (15.3km Poblenou)
Public transportation

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In 1992, Barcelona, for long an avant-garde city celebrates again its revival by hosting the first Olympic Games without any boycott for 20 years. This event was a turning point in the history of the city, and has modernized numerous infrastructure of this industrial town, to open it more and more to the world. Always modern and avant-garde Barcelona took advantage of the dynamism of the Olympic Games to revitalize its neglected waterfront, and seduce the world. Climb the hill of Montjuic to the Olympic venues, enjoy stunning views of the sea and the city, then follow the beaches to the district of Poblenou, mix of small town and flourishing modernity. Dare the longest route, you will not regret it...

*alternative routes : you can stop your run at different places along the route, close to underground stations :  7.5, 8.7, or 13.1km + possibility to shorten (2.2km less) the 2 longest routes of 15.3 and 13.1km. 

NB : if unsure, check your position on the map

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Also available this tour in a shorter loop 11.3km

urbirun Barcelona Montjuic-Poblenou 14.5km/ tour.gpx urbirun Barcelona West - Montjuic&BariGotic 11.3km/ tour.gpx
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