Your own running daytrip, to break the routine

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but on weekends many people go on daytrips. 

Hiking, biking, skiing, there are 1001 reasons and ways to go on an excursion. 

But you have also noticed that, only very few people go on a running excursion, alone or with 1–2 friends. 

But why not? Especially now that we propose hundreds of scenic running routes as .GPX files..

Because a walk, a stroll ok, it’s nice. But if you like to run, an excursion/running stroll, it’s nice too. 

You take public transportation (preferably) or your car, and you go to another region, a little further from your home than usual, and you discover. No more training routinely routes, no more itineraries that you know better than your own pocket. Go for a run, and live your passion differently from time to time, while exploring new places, new points of view. 

Just like when you go hiking. 

But you don’t know where to go? You don’t know how to find nice routes?

Well, this time is over. We have the solution for you. 

You can explore on your own. Let yourself be guided. Nothing to prepare. 

Simply download the urbirun .GPX file on your watch (or your phone), and here you go, you will be guided, for a run like no other. And you can even do it with your family, the non runners using the bike (for example, along some routes). 

urbirun is not only about discovering and exploring the most beautiful cities in the world, but it’s also about taking you to discover a region, a change of scenery close to home. 

This is why in this period when travel is limited, urbirun proposes running excursions, running selfguided daytrips in most of Europe.

So go ahead, and break the routine of your training : run to discover a little further, explore your area. In Switzerland, for example, you will find everywhere one (and even several) run-trips less than 1 hour away from your home.

All you have to do is download the route out of our list and let it guide you. No worries, no risk to get lost, and you can run with eyes wide open to enjoy scenery, on routes designed for your legs, but also for your eyes, so that you can enjoy the best of the region, on carefully chosen paths, with a runner mindset, and which offer beautiful views, take you to see certain places of interest, a natural curiosity, a landmark, a local monument, or other.

For sure, when urbirunning you do more than running.

So it’s time to break the routine, and go for a run-trip. 

We bet you’ll get a taste for it?


PS: and here we explain how to do it.

Our GPX routes 

In Switzerland – In France – in UK – In Italy – In Germany, for example… but there are more than 170 routes available. To choose by country, it’s this way!

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