swiss.crossing - Stage 5/12

Stage 5 – Unterägeri-Luzern – 40.1km (total 161.55) / 843m D+ (4'117m) – 10 bridges (37) – stones in the shoe 2 (3)

The one where… I saw old dicks, and a dwarf fight.

All you want to know about the swiss.crossing Lake2Lake adventure, is here.

I leave Unterägeri under an overcast sky and start with a slight climb in the forest, winding between small ponds and swamps.

It goes up quite gently, and I easily reach Brunegg. 

I am then above the forest, in the alpine pastures, and both the atmosphere and the landscapes are simply magnificent. I can’t get enough of this atmosphere, this silence, this serenity.

I run down to the west side of this small mountain. Very quickly, I see the Lake of Zug and then it goes down really steeply for about 2 km until the city of Zug.

I cross the old town, which is not very extended, and dominated by a clock tower on which the crests of the 8 Swiss cantons of the time the city entered Switzerland are painted. 

The banks of the lake invite me to take a break, but I’ve spent enough time in the mountains to take pictures, so I resist and decide to run some more, as I’ve only done 10 km.

At the exit of Zug, I start a flat section, along the lake, but separated from it by a strip of nature reserve where you can’t access. So I can only see the lake from far away, following a gravel path, which even takes me to a small nudist beach.

I run on the flat until Cham, where I really have to stop for a drink and a bite to eat, at km 15. That’s when a father walking with his son, who saw the inscription on my t-shirt, stops and explains what I’m doing to the child, and congratulates me by finding my project very inspiring. It’s flattering, and encouraging. 

I continue flat, until Buonas (noches ?), I fill up with water at a fountain, then it starts to climb. 

I pass the half marathon mark with not much energy: I’m at the end of my rope and the big climb is ahead of me.

I decide to tackle it though, because I know it will be very hard to start with it right after the break, if I stop and eat now.

The climb is steep, and I suffer a lot in the first kilometer, then I switch to machine mode, I don’t know, I’m not there anymore, there’s only my shoes, the tip of my feet, and I watch the ground go by. I advance I do not really realize. And so these 2 km and 350m of difference in height finally pass not too badly, and I even manage to appreciate the view on the left on the lake of Zug and the summit of the Rigi.

It’s almost with surprise that I reach the top of the ridge, and I’m delighted to find a nice bright red bench, contrasting with the green of the meadow, for my break, with an incredible view on the north of the lake of Zug and all the valley of the Reuss, heading north.

To the east, I can also see the ridge of the mountain where I arrived from this morning, and I can follow with my eyes the whole route from there to here. This is the real map. I love it.

After the break, I go up to a small chapel which is on the top of the Rootenberg, and which offers a view on the lake of Zug and the Rigi, and on the valley of the Reuss to the north. I then continue on the southern flank of this small mountain, through fields. It’s hilly, for sure, but not too bad.

I cross a forest of high fir trees, then I start to suffer from thirst, and I haven’t found anything to fill my water bottle for a while.

The route is nice, but after Udligenswil, the climb of the 31st km really hurts, and I confess that I walked a bit. And I was right, because after that I feel a bit better, and I even find a fountain… of course there are some seaweeds hanging from the neck, but I’m too thirsty: I drink greedily from it, and I fill my water bottle.

A last climb after Adligenswil, then I see the port of Lucerne. 

A quick descent, to find myself on the quayside of the Lake of the Four Cantons. 

It’s always a magical satisfaction and pleasure to reach the finish… 

40km, but I feel good, and I continue to the famous and iconic Lucerne’s covered bridge, to end this stage beautifully…

And I really can’t imagine that I have already run 161km in total…

Finally, the cherry on this dream cake, my lover came to join me, and it’s so nice…

I am living a dream, on the road, with the weather, and with my lover…

Lodging : Hotel Rebstock, Lucerne

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