Swiss Crossing 370km Lake2Lake - useless final figures

When you start this kind of project, you start by counting things. Like kilometers, stages, elevation… then little by little you see that there are many things you could count too…

And even things that you didn’t count but that you should have…

To know everything about the essential or totally useless figures to run across Switzerland, read below…

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country, mine (and I’m glad I’m Swiss, because 1 it’s really beautiful, and 2 Canada would have taken me a bit longer, for example)

Kg (8.81 lbs), that is the weight of the bag without the water, the razor, the make-up… . 

Swiss cantons (out of 23): Thurgau (stage 0, where I got off the train 5km early, just to run there), then St. Gallen, Appenzell, Zürich, Schwyz, Zug, Lucerne, Bern, Fribourg, Vaud, Valais.

km (232.4 miles), which corresponds for example to running from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva… 
ok, wrong comparison. So this corresponds, as the crow flies, to about 25km more than from London to Amsterdam or Paris, Manchester to Dover, more than from Washington to north of NYC, Chicago to Detroit, or from Las Vegas to ocean in Los Angeles…

meters (35’948ft), positive altitude difference, that is to say a little less than 1'000 per day according to Garmin… That’s still 1 Everest + 1 Moléson on top (which I did, by the way), or about 2.5 Mont Blanc climb…

lakes of importance, like at least 50 hectares of surface. I didn’t count the smaller ones, the ponds, the puddles of water, mud or cow pee: 
Lake Constance, Lake Zürich, Obersee, Lake Sihl, Ägeri, Lake Zug, Lake of the 4 Cantons, Black Lake, Lake Monsalvens, Lake Geneva

bridges, about… I could have missed 1–2 by counting… These include many covered bridges.

pebbles in the shoe, requiring each time to: stop, untie the shoe, hold my breath, remove the shoe, remove the pebble, put the shoe back on, tie the shoe, start breathing again…

electrical shock from a cow pen fence, in Chli Morgarten/SZ alt. 1'069m

calories, or 55 kg of chocolate (500cal/100g), or 68 liters of beer (40cal per dl), or 132 cans of lager (with 2–3 per day, I’m far from it), or 34 kg of spaghetti tomato, without cheese (80/100g), it’s about 2.5 plates per day… 

steps, more or less, maybe I made one or two mistakes in counting.

meters, yes it’s like kilometers, but without “kilos”, which paradoxically makes more.

Kg/lbs, weight loss, probably due to my pro athlete’s diet: mega breakfast, energy bars, picnic with bread, swiss dried meat and minipics, chocolate, protein bars, beer, burgers, sausages, fries, pizza, pasta, chocolate… to make it short, more or less (less) the same diet as Kipchoge’s one… 

45 hours and 36 minutes running… in 12 days (less than 4 hours a day)… so I had some rest apparently…



mating… of salamanders

minutes of happiness

Things I didn’t count but should have
Castles, mustaches, 2xNEIN posters, cows, steeples, waterfalls, yellow signs, tractors, fountains, cow dung… I am sorry I don’t know how many of these there was, but it was an amazing adventures anyway!!! 

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