What is in my bag to run Lake2lake

For that kind of adventure and to run all across a country, the equipment, and especially the backpack, its comfort and its weight, it is a delicate issue…

Take as much as necessary, but as little as possible (as the other guy would say)… to accomplish the mission, which consists of : running, feeding, resting, and telling you the story of it all…

* you want to know more about swiss.crossing lake2lake project ? Read this post
*how it all started? read here


For example, at the daily arrival, I will have to change clothes, go out to eat, wash myself… (in the inverse order in fact)

And since I am in Switzerland, for the daily run, I have to plan for the 4 seasons: cold, rain, wind, sun…

To make a long story short, I’ll need a “city” outfit and a “4 seasons” running outfit, and fit it all in a comfortable bag, the kind that doesn’t swing in the back, that doesn’t break the shoulders too much, and which is practical.

I found it with the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 25, ultra light and comfortable, 25L…

I filled it with :

For thepostrun” (obviously this content will be washed from time to time)

  • one pair of Vans Mesh shoes – 413g
  • one pair of socks – 28g
  • one briefs – 60g
  • one Mammut trekking trousers – 264g
  • one urbirun t-shirt – 124g
  • one TheNorthFace long thin jumper – 259g 
  • one TheNorthFace down jacket – 346g: I don’t dare not take it, considering the weather these days and if the only way to eat in a restaurant is on the terrace…
  • one pair of Compressport compression sleeves for the calves, to help (at least psychologically) with daily recovery – 49g

For theshitty weather optionrun (and therefore in the bag, but within reach)

  • one long-sleeved technical t-shirt (collected at the Lausanne semi) – 175g
  • one TheNorthFace technical “under shirt”, NorthFace again (yes, I confess that the brother in law has his entries at NorthFace, which gives me good discounts) – 82g
  • one buff (collected on a race) – 32g
  • one pair of gloves (collected from the Bern Grand-Prix race) – 40g
  • one TheNorthFace mini windbreaker – 92g
  • one TheNorthFace waterproof k-way (which I planned not to use, as it won’t rain) – 155g

And the rest of the stuff

  • a very basic toiletry bag (374g) (no razor or make-up for example), but with contact lenses and glasses, otherwise I’ll definitely get lost, and with masks of course (42g) because I love disguising myself
  • one Samsung tablet + charger cable (712g), to tell you and share all this
  • one cable for the watch –15g
  • one charger cable + plug for the phone which will be there only for the pictures, I’m in VA-CAN-CES !!! ok? – 62g
  • one small tripod + remote control for the pictures – 85g

In short, all that in the bag… yes, yes, it fits

For a total of just under 5kg, including the bag and a full water bottle… Objective reached.

A lot and a little at the same time. On my back like a snail.

And on me, for the run (an outfit that I will wash every evening)

  • one pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 22
  • one urbirun t-shirt
  • one pair of shorts
  • one cap
  • one Garmin Fenix5 watch that will guide me (even if the yellow Suisse Rando signs should probably be enough) and will play the snitch if I walk…
  • one 500ml Ultimate Direction flask and 2 energy bars in case I get sluggish. As far as hydration and supplies are concerned, I’m crossing Switzerland, not the Gobi desert… so I’ll come across fountains regularly to fill up, and a village every 1–2 hours, with a bakery or grocery shop, at least…
  • and no poles, as I will only once have a “one shot” elevation higher than 550m… I think poles would be more disturbing most of the time, than useful sometimes… good call? I’ll let you know…

That’s it. And now, I just have to… run and enjoy

* you want to know more about swiss.crossing lake2lake project ? Read this post
*how it all started? read here

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