Running when it's cold...

Have you ever seen a snowman running? No? … And that’s exactly why it’s frozen …
So it’s true that if you look out the window, it’s not very tempting … But you have to go anyway, you know it well … And winter also has its charm … Feel the snow crunch under your feet, for example, or spit ice cubes …

So since you’re a runner and you still want to run in the winter … here are some survival tips … (be careful, the order is important and there will probably be some open doors pushing)

1. Get up

Remember that even when it’s hard to go, even if you do not want to, after a few steps, you’ll feel yourself at your place there, outside, running. So start by getting up …

2. Be an onion

So not to freeze, the best strategy is the famous onion technique : stack layers. But be careful, if you do it anyhow, it will end up in sauna, and if swimming is a good complement to running, it is not the goal today.
So start with a rather clad to the body layer, and breathable. Then a second layer for heat, and finally an insulating layer (against wind, rain, snow, polar bear scratches, etc.). If you are chilly you can add a layer. Personally, I go out with 4 layers… But Switzerland is not Miami…

3. Covers your ends

The end of your arms, and the end of your legs. Gloves, socks and shoes are essential … even if you are ultraminimalist.
Why? because the extremities lose in temperature much faster than the rest of the body.
And cover your neck too. For that the buff is a great thing I think. It covers your neck, you can put it a little up on the face or the ears when the wind or the cold are too sharp.
And finally, the end not to neglect at all is the head. So put on a hat because a huge percentage of body heat is flowing through your head. And in addition it will prevent your ears fall down to the 7th kilometer… (we recommend this one)

4. Warm up

Essential before any training, the warm-up is even more so in winter. Well, I admit, I’m not the king of the warm-up, and I consider as warm-up the first 10 minutes of run … And I’m wrong. So do not like me, warm up a little, inside for example, just before leaving (and seeing that I have a bad conscience, I did it today, in the office) … just to increase the body temperature a little … You will greatly reduce the risk of injury.

5. Get out.

Yes, Yes. It’s time to get out. Are you a runner or not?

6. Run

If you don’t want to freeze on the spot, it’s a very good solution.

7. Breathe through the nose

It warms the air slightly before it reaches the body, and it avoids filling your lungs with too cold air. So try to inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth … But be careful if you have a cold, this technique can be deadly.

8. Eat

When you eat, the body produces heat, and the food produces calories … And the body uses these calories too to warm you up, and will therefore use more of its reserves than usual. So eat, but not necessarily raclette, tartiflettes, or tarte tatin out of the oven … No, but a cereal or energetic bar during a run will allow you to offset the loss of calories due to cold. And you won’t need to fight with squirrels to get a nutty …

9. Keep running

Otherwise you’ll never get home and warm…

10. Take a shower

Very hot … you will love …

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