Running is a journey

Running is a journey. On the day you start, you don’t know where you are heading to, and you can’t even know that it’s a real journey you are starting…

But it definitely is a journey. An initiatory one. For yourself, to yourself, with yourself, to nowhere, to elsewhere, to everywhere, to anywhere, to the other one.

When runnning, you smile at strangers, you discover unexpected and beautiful places, you give highfives to sticky hands, to stranger’s hands. After a finish line you hug a friend, a brother, a stranger. Is there really an end at a finish line?

You start, but you don’t go away. You get closer. To yourself. You are.

I’ll never regret having started this sport I used to hate. It gave me so much. Things that only I can know and feel, moments and emotions that nobody can understand. Except maybe another runner, just a little bit though.

Because running is a journey. Your own journey, like no other.
So let’s run, run, and explore the world…
Running can not be wrong.

Have you ever seen people fighting after a race or a run? No.
You only see humans smiling, laughing, crying tears of happiness, and hugging each other.
Have you ever seen someone coming back angry or belligerent after a solo run in the cold, the wind and the rain? No.
From these runs, from any run, everyone comes back with the pleasure, the joy, and the desire to do better. To do everything better: to run better, to work better, to eat better, to sleep better, ti be better… to love better…

Running is a journey.
To run. To love.
To love. To run.
To love.

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