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Simply let the urbirun route guide you, to run throughout UK and Ireland, explore its most amazing cities and surroundings, with eyes wide open. Run along routes imagined, thought and created BY passionate runners FOR runners.
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All our urbirun GPX routes in UK and IRL here.

NB : the suggested direction is in order to propose you the best views.

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Already tours available in London (6), Manchester (3), Edimburgh, Dublin, etc. 
All our urbirun GPX routes in UK and IRL here.

Run in London, best-of (highlights) 
Distance : 13.3km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
Along this route you’ll for sure meet all London’s major landmarks and points of view, and get the very best of it. Palaces, castles, cathedrals, parks, market, museums, bridges, you won’t miss any of what comes to your mind when you hear the word “London”… Take it easy and enjoy the views and this route made for you.
urbirun London Highlights 13.3km – tour.gpx

Run in London, Thames and more – 9.9km
Distance : 9.9km
Elevation : flat
Direction : east to west. Start at Whitechapel station for example.
A linear run, along the Thames and surroundings, from Whitechapel district and its beautiful former docks basins to Parliament, via the red Lambeth Bridge, enjoying almost all London landmarks and POI’s. You’ll run almost all the way on pedestrian path. Enjoy it, and don’t forget keep your eyes wide open to enjoy magnificent views of London.
urbirun London, Tamise 9.9km – tour.gpx
Shorter tour (8.4km), only to Westminster Bridge instead of Lambeth Birdge.
urbirun London, Tamise 8.4km – tour.gpx

Run in London, Notting Hill & Regent’s Canal
Distance : 9.8km
Elevation : flat
Direction : from west to east
Run from famous charming Notting Hill neighborhood, colorful houses, to canal docks, and strange bridges in a modern area. You’ll see Venice, a so called one, canals, locks, all along to one of London most amazing train station…
urbirun London, Notting Hill &Regent’s canal 9.8km – tour.gpx

Run in London, 5 Parks
Distance : 12.9km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
This route joins London’s 5 majors parks, to take you run in all these iconic and quiet places. Large lawns, beautiful ponds, trees and gardens, surrounded by beautiful buildings. Enjoy the serenity of these parks, and this “green” run in the heart of one of the world’s most lively city.
urbirun London, 5 parks 12.9km – tour.gpx

Run in London, Canary Wharf & Greenwich
Distance : 12km
Elevation : low
Direction : 8 shape tour – north loop clockwise, south loop unclockwise
On this tour, you will explore the former docklands district, which has become a modern and growing neighborhood in East London. Channels, basins, locks, bridges wind between the buildings. You will also run along the Thames using a very pleasant path, and discover Greenwich Park and its surroundings. We will even take you under the Thames… yes, under…
urbirun London Canary Wharf & Greenwich 12km – tour.gpx
2 shorter options available : 10km, without Greenwich Park / 7.8km without Greenwich nor the crossing under the Thames…
urbirun London Canary Wharf & Greenwich 10km – tour.gpx
urbirun London, Canary Wharf 7.8km – tour.gpx

Run in London, les parcs et Soho
Distance : 10.8km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
Explore some London from some of its most famous parks to the lively Soho district. You’ll run in front of a palace, in quiet lawns and along magnificent ponds, but you’ll also explore some of London most famous squares and run through 2 differents archs… and maybe you’ll see horse guards… Of course, you are in London.
urbirun London, Parks & Soho 10.8km – tour.gpx

Run in Manchester, Central
Distance : 10.2km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
A tour to all of Manchester landmarks, including City Hall, Cathedral, Museums, and of course canals, locks and former docks. A very nice route to get the very best of this city in “one shot”.
urbirun Manchester Centre 10.2km-tour.gpx

Run in Manchester, East and Canals
Distance : 10.5km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
Explore Manchester Canals and East district. From the city center, to very beautiful canal paths, locks, and bridges, quiet charming neighborhood, you’ll even run close to Manchester City Stadium.
urbirun Manchester East&Canals 10.5km-tour.gpx
Shorter option 8km, without detour to Manchester City stadium, and with fewer canals.
urbirun Manchester East&Canals 8km-tour.gpx

Run in Manchester, Canals and West
Distance : 11.5km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
Explore Manchester Canals and West docks, now a modern area with beautiful buildings. You’ll even run close to the iconic Old Trafford, Manchester United Stadium, quiet canal banks, and even roman ruins…
urbirun Manchester Canals & West 11.5km-tour.gpx

Run in Edinburgh, best-of (highlights)
Distance : 11.2km
Elevation : 188m
Direction : tour in 8 shape – north loop clockwise, south loop unclockwise
Let’s take you to explore Edinburgh main landmarks : you run to the castle, along a colorful street, small alleys, and even in the nature, enjoying view over the city. And don’t be surprise if you meet a bear who is a war hero…
urbirun Edinburgh 11.2km-tour.gpx

Run in Dublin, best-of (Highlights)
Distance : 11.6km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
L’histoire du Dublin est riche. Explorez ses vieilles ruelles, ses docks et ses écluses, longez les rivières et canaux, traversez des parcs verdoyants, et bien sûr n’hésitez pas à vous offrir une Guinness bien méritée après votre tour…
urbirun Dublin 11.6km


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