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Download the .GPX FILE of our urbirun sightrunning routes in Spain and Portugal, and to use it directly on your sport watch or smartphone.

Simply let the urbirun route guide you, to run in Spain or run in Portugal, explore its most amazing cities and surroundings, with eyes wide open. Run along routes imagined, thought and created BY passionate runners FOR runners.
Do not run randomly anymore, visit, discover, explore, urbi­­run ! for as low as 0.1euro/km.
All our urbirun GPX routes in Spain or Portugal are here.

NB : the suggested direction is in order to propose you the best views.

Are you travelling somewhere else than Spain or Portugal, have a look at our .gpx route stores, you’ll find the tour you need…

Our .gpx routes for running tours are already available in Barcelona (3), Madrid, Valencia (3), Seville, Bilbao, Lisbon, Porto, etc…
All our urbirun GPX routes in Spain or Portugal are here.

Run in Barcelona – Highlights
Distance : 11.8km - Or Barcelona Central 8.8km
Elevation : flat
Direction : Counterclockwise
From the maze of Gothic district’s alleys and the medieval atmosphere, to the unique modernist architecture of Gaudi, without forgetting the sea shore, which has finally reasserted itself in the city for the 1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona is unique, historic and modern, festive and sporty. You will enjoy the various atmospheres of this route across the essentials of the city.
urbirun Barcelona Highlights 11.8km/ tour.gpx urbirun Barcelona Central 8.8km/ tour.gpx

Run in Barcelona – Highlights
Distance : 14.5
Elevation : medium
Direction : linear, from west (Plaza d’Espanya) to east (Poblenou)
Climb the hill of Montjuic to the Olympic venues, enjoy stunning views of the sea and the city, then follow the beaches to the district of Poblenou, mix of small town and flourishing modernity. Dare the longest route, you will not regret it…
Or run part of this tour as a loop, Montjuic & Barri Gotic 11.3km
urbirun Barcelona Montjuic-Poblenou 14.5km/ tour.gpx urbirun Barcelona West – Montjuic&BariGotic 11.3km/ tour.gpx

Run in Madrid – Highlights
Distance : 13km (or 8.8km) 
Elevation : low
Direction : Counterclockwise
Madrid has all the attributes of a great capitol: museums and masterpieces, including Picasso’s famous painting, Guernica, beautiful avenues, a royal palace, parks and economic dynamism. Paradoxically and fortunately, it hides other treasures, with a village atmosphere, charming neighborhoods, and the beautifully remodeled banks of the Manares River. Madrid is full of energy, and lives as much in the night as in the day. But in the morning it will offer herself to the runner, who will almost feel as if it is there for their sole pleasure.
urbirun Madrid Highlights 13km/ tour.gpx urbirun Madrid Central 8.8km/ tour.gpx

Run in Valencia
Distance : Central 9.7km, image (options : Maritim 10.3km – Old Town&Turia 8.7km – Grand Tour 17.6km)
Elevation : flat
Direction : Counterclockwise
Valencia defines itself as the City of running. It is true that with the huge park created in the former bed of the Turia river, the city offers a huge and very welcoming playground for runners. But Valencia does not only come down to this fantastic park only. It also hosts a charming old town, labyrinthine alleys, popular neighborhoods with perpendicular avenues, a marina and a welcoming beach. And of course you will run through the complex of the City of Arts and Sciences, its extraordinary architecture and its basins, on which is built on the finish line of the marathon of this city.
urbirun Valencia Grand tour 17.6km / tour.gpx urbirun Valencia Central 9.7km / tour.gpx urbirun Valencia Maritim 10.3km / tour.gpx urbirun Valencia Old Town & Turia 8.7km / tour.gpx urbirun Valencia Full package – 4 routes / tour.gpx

Run in Seville – Highlights
Distance :  12.2km (or 8.2km)
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
Sevilla is the fourth largest city in Spain. It is a landmark city in Spanish history, and it is where Christian and Muslim cultures have long coexisted. Sevilla offers many architectural jewels, one of Europe’s the largest cathedrals, and it has perfectly united its millenary history with the call of modernity. From the cobbled and colored alley of the Old Town, to the parks, and the banks of the Guadalqivir, Sevilla will enchant you.
urbirun Seville 8.2km/ tour.gpx urbirun Seville Highlights 12.2km/ tour.gpx

Run in Bilbao – Highlights
Distance : 11km (or 8.9km (image) or 7.7km)
Elevation : low
Direction : clockwise
Despite being one of Europe’s largest and busiest ports, Bilbao succeeded in taking advantage of its industrial past and make the most of some former wastelands. Trendy bars, museums and very modern architecture, futuristic footbridges will mark your run. And of course you will explore the narrow streets and colorful neighborhood of the very charming Old Town, Casco Viejo.
urbirun Bilbao 7.7 km/ tour.gpx urbirun Bilbao 8.9km/ tour.gpx urbirun Bilbao 11km/ tour.gpx

Run in Lisbon – Highlights
Distance :  9.4km (or 7.6km)
Elevation : medium-high
Direction : clockwise
Lisbon spreads over several hills, making it a challenging city for runners. But the effort is worth it. Its narrow streets, its stairs lead you to great views, through a maze of narrow alleys, in a unique atmosphere in Europe, along the majestic Tagus.
urbirun Lisbon 9.4km/ tour.gpx urbirun Lisbon 7.6km/ tour.gpx

Run in Porto – Highlights
Distance :  9.3km (or 7.5km)
Elevation : high
Direction : 8 shape tour – north & south loop counterclockwise / east loop clockwise
Hung on the steep banks of the Douro, you have to deserve Porto, demanding for the runner, with its cobbled, narrow streets. These difficulties have the advantage of offering superb views. Just go, you will not regret it.
urbirun Porto 7.5 km/ tour.gpx urbirun Porto 9.3 km/ tour.gpx

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