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Download the .GPX FILE of our urbirun sightrunning routes in Scandinavia, Danemark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and to use it directly on your sport watch or smartphone.

Simply let the urbirun route guide you, to run in Danemark, run in Sweden, run in Norway, run in Finland, explore its most amazing cities and surroundings, with eyes wide open. Run along routes imagined, thought and created BY passionate runners FOR runners.
Do not run randomly anymore, visit, discover, explore, urbi­­run !
All our urbirun GPX routes in Northern Europe are here.

NB : the suggested direction is in order to propose you the best views.

Are you travelling somewhere else than Scandinavia, have a look at our .gpx route stores, you’ll find the tour you need…

Enjoy our .gpx files running routes throughout Scandinavia, for example in Copenhagen (2), Stockholm, Finland, Bergen, etc.
All our urbirun GPX routes in Northern Europe are here.

Run in Copenhagen Highlights
Distance : 13.3km
Elevation : flat
Direction : Counterclockwise
Along this route in Copenhagen, you will discover the old town and the Christiania neighborhood, canals and dutch style houses. You’ll run along the waterfront to the iconic Little Mermaid, run in the citadel, historic neighborhoods, and discover castles, and statues.
urbirun Copenhagen Highlights 13.3km / tour.gpx

Run in Copenhagen Waters (exclusive and unpublished)
Distance : 10.3km
Elevation : flat
Direction : Counterclockwise
Visit Copenhagen along waters that bath this peaceful city. You’ll see the very best of the Danish capital, modern, historical, and green, along a beautiful route, always close to its quiet waters.
urbirun Copenhagen Waters 10.3km / tour.gpx

Run in Stockholm – Highlights
Distance : 11.5km (8.9 et 15.3)
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
Stockholm’s essentials along this route, islands and viewpoints, the maze of the old town and the narrowest street in Sweden, without forgetting the green and quiet Djurgarden island.
urbirun Stockholm Highlights 11.5km / tour.gpx
2 more options are available for this tour :
Short tour 8.9km (without Djurgarden)
urbirun Stockholm Highlights short tour 8.9km / tour.gpx Long tour 15.3km (with a part of Djurgarden)

urbirun Stockholm Highlights grand tour 15.3km / tour.gpx

Run in Stockholm – Djurgarden (exclusive and unpublished)
Distance : 10.2km
Elevation : flat
Direction : counterclockwise
Explore the Djurgården huge island, where about 800 inhabitants live. It has an area of 280 hectares. A route in the nature, forests, shores, on this island that hosts a large park, museums, a zoo and an amusement park.
urbirun Stockholm Djurgarden 10.2km / tour.gpx With extension (image, total 13.9km) : leave Djurgarden and the eastern end of the Ostermalm Island, and you’ll run in the nature as well, exploring another part of the town.
urbirun Stockholm Djurgrden Grand tour 13.9km / tour.gpx

Run in Helsinki – Highlights
Distance : 12km (10.2 et 13.15)
Elevation : flat
Direction : coutnerclockwise
Explore the world’s northernmost capital, surrounded by the Baltic Sea, with a jagged coastline, and discover small coves and beaches. But you will also run through a modern city, whose architecture mixes neo-classical, art-nouveau and modernity, as well as a marked Russian influence. Helsinki has many secrets to unveil.
urbirun Helsinki 12km / tour.gpx
2 more options are available for this tour :
Short tour 10.2km 
urbirun Helsinki 10.2km / tour.gpx Long tour 13.25km

urbirun Helsinki 13.25km / tour.gpx

Run in Bergen Highlights
Distance : 9.9km
Elevation : low-medium
Direction : Counterclockwise
Explore the very best of Bergen, it’s old wooden neighborhoods, parks, fjord shores, and some beautiful viewpoints, and most of the city’s main landmarks.
urbirun Bergen 9km / tour.gpx

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