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All our urbirun GPX routes in North America are here.

NB : the suggested direction is in order to propose you the best views.

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Already many running tours available, including some exclusive and unpublished. Run in New York (7), Boston, Washington DC, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco (3), Quebec City, etc.
All our urbirun GPX routes in North America are here. or See list below !

You can get all of our NYC routes in 1 full package here, and as well for all our San Francisco routes !

urbirun NYC – 7 tour full package / tour.gpxurbirun San Francisco – 3 tours full package / tour.gpx

Run in New York – Brooklyn Classic
Distance : 11.6km
Elevation : low
Direction : clockwise
From Chinatown to Brooklyn, we take you across the East River on two different bridges. Discover the DUMBO district and its rough cobblestone streets, former docks and piers, Brooklyn Heights’ famous brownstone houses. And of course experience the legendary crossing of the Brooklyn Bridge, and its incredible view of the New York skyline. THere are runs you’ll never forget. This is one of them.
urbirun NYC – Brooklyn Classic 11.6km / tour.gpx

Run in New York – Hudson River, from South Ferry to Times Square
Distance : 12.2km
Elevation : flat
Direction : linear, from south (South Ferry station) to north (Time Square)
Along this route, you’ll discover the west side of Manhattan. Running along the Hudson river, you’ll cross the Meatpacking district and Chelsea, follow along the Highline pedestrian promenade, and finish in the heart of New York city, Times Square.

urbirun NYC – Hudson River & Midtown – 12.2km / tour.gpx

Run in New York – Iconic Bridges long run
Distance : 19.2km
Elevation : low
Direction : linear, from north (Central Park SE corner) to south City Hall, through Queens, Williamsburg and Brooklyn
A long route, challenging, for the brave and adventurous, along the East River and its legendary bridges. You will run through Queens, Long Island City, Williamsburg, and DUMBO, before running back to Manhattan crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. A less touristy discovery, more exotic, exploring the full diversity of New York neighborhoods, while enjoying magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline.
urbirun NYC – Iconic Bridges, long run – 19.2km / tour.gpx

Run in New York – 3 Bridges linear
Distance : 11.6km
Elevation : low
Direction : linear from north (Delaney st. Station) to south (City Hall)
You’ll meet three of NYC’s most legendary bridges. This route takes you to Williamsburg, to enjoy the magnificent panorama of Manhattan, then to DUMBO and Brooklyn, where at a street corner you will be facing one of the most iconic views of New York. Let’s bet you’ll take pictures on this run?

urbirun NYC – 3 Bridges (linear) – 11.6km / tour.gpx

Run in New York – 3 Bridges loop
Distance : 13.6km
Elevation : low
Direction : clockwise
You’ll meet three of NYC’s most legendary bridges. This route takes you to Williamsburg, to enjoy the magnificent panorama of Manhattan, then to DUMBO and Brooklyn, where at a street corner you will be facing one of the most iconic views of New York. Let’s bet you’ll take pictures on this run?
urbirun NYC – 3 Bridges (loop) – 13.6km / tour.gpx

Run in New York – Lower East Side and East River
Distance : 8.7km
Elevation : flat
Direction : Counterclockwise
An original itinerary, far from the beaten track by most visitors to New York. Discover the Lower East Side neighborhood and the banks of the East River on a run that takes you along a quiet park, with magnificent views of the bridges.
urbirun NYC – Lower East Side & East River – 8.7km / tour.gpx

Run in New York – Central Park best-of
Distance : 8.5km
Elevation : low
Direction : Counterclockwise
Running in Central Park. The myth. But this park is huge, and full of little gems, secret paths, and thousands of trails. A true labyrinth. Let us guide you to the essentials and man landmarks, and so you won’t get lost in its forests … It seems that one day an alligator was even found there…

urbirun NYC – Central Park, best-of – 8.5km / tour.gpx

Run in Boston – Highlights
Distance : 9.9km
Elevation : low
Direction : Counterclockwise
The most European, and almost the oldest, of American cities, Boston mingles the modernity and height of the typically American skyscrapers with a historical, colonial architecture, all red brick, giving it a peculiar charm. You will run up Beacon hill charming streets, and cross the town’s oldest part and therefore one of the country’s oldest, before exploring the seashore and the Charles River green banks.

urbirun Boston 9.9km / tour.gpx

Run in Boston – Highlights, long tour
Distance : 13.3km
Elevation : low
Direction : Counterclockwise
This longer version take you along the Charles River for some more km and to the iconic Fenway Park, home of the legendary baseball team Boston Red Sox.

urbirun Boston 13.3km / tour.gpx

Run in Washington DC – Highlights
Distance : 11.3km
Elevation : flat
Direction : Counterclockwise
Skyscrapers free, industries and chimneys free, Washington is a clean and green city. Official federal style buildings, museums (free entrance), border the long and wide National Mall Esplanade, topped by the Washington Monument, from Capitol Hill to Lincoln Memorial. Explore the heart of american politics, power, history and culture, and run our most pedestrian tour. 

urbirun Washington DC 11.3km / tour.gpx

Run in Miami Beach- Highlights
Distance : 11.8km
Elevation : flat
Direction : Clockwise
Miami is a multicultural and tropical city, a landmark for art-deco architecture. Pastel color facades look like ice-cream, but that don’t melt despite the heat. Miami Beach is not only a beach resort, by far, and we take you to all main landmarks. The long promenade along the Atlantic Ocean is for sure a paradise for runners, but it is worth venturing into the streets of Miami Beach, to discover different atmospheres, residential, touristic, modern, and its unique architecture at almost every street corner. 
urbirun Miami Beach 11.8km / tour.gpx

Run in Chicago – Highlights
Distance : 12km
Elevation : flat
Direction : 8 shape tour – north loop (5.8km) : clockwise / south loop (6.2km) : counterclockwise
In Chicago you will run in the shadow of buildings, enjoying the incredible perspectives of the sky train, discover the quiet charm of the riverwalk at the foot of downtown’s skyscrapers, enjoy the shores of the lake, or the view of the city’s skyline from the Navy Pier, before running on a bridge created by the famous Franck Gehry, heading to the incredible giant bean shaped sculpture in which the entire city seems to be reflected … Running in Chicago is an imperishable memory…
urbirun Chicago 12km / tour.gpx

Run in Los Angeles – Santa Monica & Venice
Distance : 12.5km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
Discover two of the most famous districts of the huge Los Angeles area, run on the legendary Venice Beach, take a picture at the foot of the sign marking the end of Route 66, on the famous Santa Monica Pier which you saw in countless movies… Enter these movies sets, and run your own film!
urbirun LA, Santa Monica & Venice 12.5 km / tour.gpx

Run in San Francisco – North
Distance : 11.9km
Elevation : medium
Direction : Counterclockwise
A human sized city, San Francisco is not crushed by the skyscrapers. The Victorian houses are still standing, on the slopes of the famous hills and along sometimes very steep streets. Town facing the sea, surrounded with water, San Francisco has a special charm which makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Discover the North Beach district, Fisherman’s Wharf. You will see the Golden Gate and Alcatraz, you will climb hills, pass from quiet neighborhoods to the moderate excitement of the center.
urbirun San Francisco North 11.9 km / tour.gpx

You can run a shorter version of this San Francisco – North tour (9,1km)

urbirun San Francisco North, short tour 9.1km / tour.gpx

Run in San Francisco – Sansalito & Golden Gate crossing
Distance : 14.2km
Elevation : medium
Direction : linear, from north (Sausalito, get there by ferry) to south (Embarcadero)
Take a ferry (sailing close to Alcatraz) to the small town of Sausalito, then we guide you along your run back to your starting point, running along the Bays’ shores and crossing on the Golden Gate Bridge (67m above the Pacific Ocean). You will then run along the coast to the neighborhoods of Fischerman’s Wharf and Embarcadero, where you will probably see some sea lions basking.
urbirun San Francisco – Sausalito & Golden Gate 14.2km / tour.gpx

Run in San Francisco – Castro, Twin Peaks and Painted Ladies
Distance : 9.1km
Elevation : +245m
Direction : clockwise
Discover the iconic Castro district, full of color and freedom, before running up the hills of Twin Peaks to enjoy magnificent views of the city. The route will take you to Haight-Ashbury, a hotspot of 60s hippie culture, and you will even say hello to the famous Painted Ladies, the 7 most famous houses on the west coast.

urbirun San Francisco – Castro, Twin Peaks, etc. 10.4km / tour.gpx

Run in New Orleans
Distance : 9km
Elevation : flat
Direction : counterclockwise
New Orleans, the most French of American cities. Its typical streets, the banks of the Mississippi River, parks. A pleasant run through the city of jazz.

urbirun New Orleans 9km / tour.gpx

Run in Quebec – Highlights
Distance : 9.1km
Elevation : medium
Direction : clockwise
The only walled city north of Mexico, and still romantic, Quebec City has preserved a very charming Old Europe style and atmosphere. You’ll run on fortifications and along the banks of the St. Lawrence River, the alleys of its old town making you feel like travelling back in time, at the foot of the majestic Château Frontenac.

urbirun Quebec City 9.1km / tour.gpx

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