Run in Netherland and Belgium, our .gpx files

Download the .GPX FILE of our urbirun sightrunning routes in Netherlands and Belgium, and to use it directly on your sport watch or smartphone.

Simply let the urbirun route guide you, to run Netherland or to run in Belgium, explore its most amazing cities and surroundings, with eyes wide open. Run along routes imagined, thought and created BY passionate runners FOR runners.
Do not run randomly anymore, visit, discover, explore, urbi­­run ! and for as low as 0.1euro/km…

NB : the suggested direction is in order to propose you the best views.

Are you travelling somewhere else than Netherlands or Belgium, have a look at our .gpx route stores, you’ll find the tour you need…

Already many available .gpx running routes, in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Bruges, etc.

urbirun Amsterdam Highlights
Distance : 9.5km –12.4km
Elevation : flat
Direction : Counterclockwise
Explore the Amsterdam canals, cross countless bridges, enjoy the charm of its streets and narrow houses, penetrate into the Begijnhof, appreciate the space of Museumsplein, resist the many cafes and bars, as well as the temptations of the red light district. You will be charmed by the Venice of the North…
urbirun Amsterdam 12.3km / tour.gpxurbirun Amsterdam 9.4km / tour.gpx

urbirun Rotterdam Highlights
Distance : 11.8km 9km
Elevation : flat
Direction : Counterclockwise
Badly destroyed during World War II, Rotterdam tries to forget this sad past and turned itself towards modernity. This city is Europe’s largest port, and presents an innovative architecture along the Meuse and the canals. This tour, on the southern shores is resolutely architectural, modern and maritime. Run with us, there are many bridges to cross…
urbirun Rotterdam 11.5km / tour.gpxurbirun Rotterdam 8.5km / tour.gpx

urbirun Bruxelles – Highlights
Distance : 11.6km
Elevation : flat
Direction : counterclockwise
Brussels is diverse. A modern city with an ancestral past, the royal, national and continental capital, it sometimes gives the impression of being too diverse to have a real character. But that is where its character comes from. Its most emblematic monument? a small statue that pees in fancy clothes. Its favorite dish: beer and fries. Light minded, Brussels is no less serious, and you will discover a rich history, a well-tempered character that lead the country tto independence. On top of all that, you are in the administrative heart of Europe… From narrow streets to gree parks, you will pace a capital whose walls are adorned with comic strips. Brussels, has a mood all of its own.
urbirun Brussels 11.6km / tour.gpxurbirun Brussels 8.8km / tour.gpx

urbirun Bruges 
Distance : 9.7km
Elevation : flat
Direction : Counterclockwise
Bruges reached its peak in the 15th century, then fell into a kind of lethargy. But by a miracle of history, it then aoivded crazy industrialization, and has been beautifully preserved. You will run along magnificent canals, in quiet parks, cross bridges, along cobbled streets, surrounded by colorful houses, and we’ll guide you to admire its most beautiful monuments. You’ll remember that run as a really special one.
urbirun Bruges 9.7km / tour.gpxurbirun Burges 8.1km / tour.gpxurbirun Bruges 6.8km / tour.gpx

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