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Download the .GPX FILE of our urbirun sightrunning routes in Eastern Europe and Russia, and to use it directly on your sport watch or smartphone.

Simply let the urbirun route guide you, to run throughout Eastern Europe and Russia, explore its most amazing cities and surroundings, with eyes wide open. Run along routes imagined, thought and created BY passionate runners FOR runners.
Do not run randomly anymore, visit, discover, explore, urbi­­run !
All our urbirun GPX routes in Eastern Europe are here.

NB : the suggested direction is in order to propose you the best views.

Are you travelling somewhere else than Eastern Europe and Russia, have a look at our .gpx route stores, you’ll find the tour you need…

Already many running tours available in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Baltic Countries, Krakow, Budapest, Prague (4), Ljubljana (2), etc.
All our urbirun GPX routes in Eastern Europe are here.

Run in Saint-Petersburg Highlights
Distance : 10.4km
Elevation : flat
Direction : unclockwise
Welcome to a city that was created from scratch in 1703, in the middle of a swamp… but by the passion of a man, Peter-the-Great, this city became amazing. We take you to huge classical palaces and cathedrals reflecting in the waters of the Neva and the canals, and even through a fortress, to show you the very best of this city.

urbirun St-Petersburg 10.4km / tour.gpx

Run in Moscow Highlights
Distance : 8.4km
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwiseLet’s take you to the very best of Moscow, around Kremlin to Red Square, through modern and ancient parks, enjoying amazing views, iconic statues, and a cathedral with a crazy history.

urbirun Moscow 8.3km / tour.gpx

Run in Vilnius
Distance : 9.4km
Elevation : low
Direction : clockwiseFrom its baroque center to its forest, passing along river banks, and old walls, you’ll for sure keep your eyes wide open exploring Vilnius center and the Uzupis charming area.

urbirun Vilnius 9.4km / tour.gpx

Run in Krakow 
Distance : 9.1km
Elevation : flat
Direction : unclockwiseSurrounding Europe’s largest medieval square, numerous churches, palaces, museums of all styles and periods, tell the millennial history of Krakow. At the foot of Wawel Hill lies the former Jewish district of Kazimierz, now modern and trendy. Beyond the Vistula is the neighborhood where the ghetto was built. These two areas root the city in recent history. Spared from destruction in its history, unlike many other Polish cities, the heart capital of the Polish is a little jewel in Central Europe.

urbirun Krakow 9.1km / tour.gpx

Run in Budapest Highlights
Distance : 11.6km
Elevation : low
Direction : unclockwiseRun the historic districts of Buda hill and Belvaros, the Art-nouveau buildings of Pest. Budapest, its famous Parliament, its Castle, beautiful view of the majestic Danube you will cross on iconic bridges, and don’t forget to rub the policeman belly… And of course, with all its thermal springs, Budapest is the perfect place for a post-run hot bath in one of the beautiful thermal public palaces. 

urbirun Budapest 11.6km / tour.gpx

Run in Prague Highlights
Distance : 9.7km
Elevation : low
Direction : 8 shape tour – clockwise in the north loop, unclockwise in the south loopFrom the presence of the legendary alchemists of the 16th century, Prag, forever romantic, was in turn a royal town, then imperial city, provincial town under the communist régime, until becoming radiant and creative capital of a modern state. Explore the cobbled streets of the Old Town, go up to the castle hill, jump from one bank to the other of the sublime Vltava, and enjoy the wonderful blend of modernity and history that this unique and charming city offers.  

urbirun Prague Highlights 9.7km / tour.gpx

2 more options available : short tour 7.3km and long tour 11.5km (includes Letenska Park).

urbirun Prague Highlights, short tour 7.3km / tour.gpx urbirun Prague Highlights, long tour 11.5km/ tour.gpx

And you can as well run this exclusive and unpublished tour, through Petrin Parc natural forests and Old Town.

urbirun Prague, Petrin Park & Old Town 8.7km-130m D+ / tour.gpx

Run in Ljubljana Highlights
Distance : 8.7km
Elevation : low
Direction : unclockwise
Straddling the Slavic and Mediteranean worlds, is the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, whose cobbled streets, serenity, riverwalks, forest, will defintively charm you. You will run from a beautiful old town center to the views from the castle hill, exploring a beautiful forest, a village-like neighborhood, and beautifully landscaped wharves. At the same time calm and animated, this small town will surprise you in many aspects, and is absolutely worth a run.

urbirun Ljubljana Centre 8.7km / tour.gpx

This tour can be extended on natural path, to explore Tivoli forest and hill : 12.1km – Elevation +230m

urbirun Ljubljana Centre & Tivoli Forest 12.1km-230mD+ / tour.gpx

Run in Tallin 
Distance : 5.3km
Elevation : medium
Direction : clockwiseTallin’s old town is amazing, and we will take you to the the most remarkable landmarks and beautiful viewpoints. A beautiful short run !

urbirun Tallin 5.3km / tour.gpx

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