Run in Copenhagen

7:30 am. I move the curtain slightly away. I see the blue sky.

Great !!.

I jump into my running shoes, and let’s go, it’s time to enjoy running and sun !
But it won’t last… and I must confess that some pictures are from the next day’s run…

NB : you can watch a video of this run on the urbirun Youtube channel, right here. Or simply down here, at the end of this post.
You can as well get the .gpx track of this tour, if you want to use, and that for less than an energy bar…

I want to run, send me the .gpx tour

I join the urbirun route south of the famous Tivoli Park, a kind of Disneyland in the heart of the Danish capital. Despite the cold, the sun warms me nicely when I cross the Langebron, with on my left the beautiful and cubic Danish Architecture Center.

But when I reach the Christianshavn neighborhood, on the island of the same name, the sky turns gray, tarnishing even the countless graffiti and other street-art works of Christiania, an alternative community founded by squatters on the site of a former barracks, where cannabis is sold in the open air, in a community that even had its own currency …

When I reach the canal that divides the island in two parts, I lose the shelter of buildings, and here I am with the wind and rain right in the face. End of fun… Freezing, I don’t take time to enjoy the charm of this district built on the Amsterdam model, of which King Christian IV, founder of the district, was a great admirer.

At the Cirkel Bridge, facing the imposing Black Diamond of the National Library, I am even forced to protect myself from the strong sleet sheltering me under a porch. I feel totally refrigerated… This morning blue sky is for now only a distant memory…

But guess what : when not running, you don’t go forward… so I take my courage in my two running shoes, and I run again, heading to Nyhavn, Copenhagen famous Old Port, lined with colorful houses, crossing the beautiful modernist bridge of Inderhavnsbroen .

(it’s better the next day, in the sun, isn’t it?)

The atmosphere is not to stroll, so I keep running bypassing the theater on the wooden footbridges along the canal, then I go back to enter the Royal Palace, surprising a guard in nice uniform of I do not know what, who jumps in his sentry box when I pass him. Yes, well, I jumped too, just as surprised as him.

Back on the docks, I am still heading to the Little Mermaid (she is far), who normally should wait for me on its pebble, and on my way I meet a David statue, much larger than the one in Florence, in front of the building of the Gallery of Art of the Royal Collections.

And exactly when I get to the Little Mermaid, after meeting fierce bulls on the Gefion Fountain, the rain stops. A sign?

Well this Little Mermaid is actually not very tall for a Dane, and frankly, she should not have swapped her legs to seduce a prince. Yeah, she can not run anymore, and it’s a pity she can not come to run and visit Copenhagen with urbirun…

Too bad for her. I continue on my own, happy that the sun is shining again … Flat countries magic? Maybe…

I pass the moat and the entrance porch of the Kastellet Citadel, which is still a military barracks. Large uneven cobblestones, long red buildings, green enclosure embankments and blue sky. I enjoy all these colors while crossing it. A new porch, and here I am in a park.

“Turn right”.

Ok, I do. And following the moat of the Citadel, I let urbirun guide me to the Nyboder district. Built to house members of the Royal Navy, it is a collection of one floor long buildings, painted in a uniform yellow, that offers beautiful perspectives on several parallel streets. A quite military order, wanted by its designer, King Christian IV again.

I keep listening to urbirun, and get to the beautiful park surrounding Rosenborg Castle, which is home to the Crown Jewels. The crossing of this park brings me back to the city, and I pass at the foot of the Round Tower, all red bricks, former astronomical observatory dating from 1642 and at the top of which one could even reach by coach, thanks to a long spiral ramp .

I will then cross Christiansborg Castle, which houses the Parliament and the Danish Government, before passing under the high Statue of Lur Players, who fortunately do not give me the shame by remaining silent (they are standing there since 1914, date of their installation).

Here I am in the Town Hall Square (Radhuspladsen as Lars or Mogens would say), dominated by a more than 105m steeple, and whose richly ornamented façade is inspired by Siena’s town hall..

And here I am again at Tivoli Park, still closed for winter. No problem : I had my fun park today, with this run and this sublime visit of Copenhagen. And if you want to run it too, download it  clicking here.

I really loved it, I am happy with the route, and the harsh cold weather is totally forgotten. All that remains is an huge pleasure and the desire to start again as soon as possible.

Fortunately, among the urbirun tours, there is an amazing choice.

Can’t wait for the next trip !!

PS : thank you Silvia for the beautiful images @silvia7one

I want to run, send me the .gpx tour

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