MTB around Lausanne

Location : Switzerland, Canton Vaud
Distance: 51km, loop
Total ascent: +780m
Technical difficulty: easy S0/S1 (medium for the S2 singles in the Flon gorges)
Physical difficulty: moderate due to its length. No steep climbs. Most of the elevation is in the first half.
Surface: 61% unpaved, forest roads and footpaths.
Suggested starting point: Lausanne train station
Cycling: Mountain bike recommended – generally ok for gravel, but perhaps a little tricky in the singles of the Flon gorges.

Komoot link to this route : https://www.komoot.com/fr-fr/tour/1086738413


Departing from Lausanne train station, the first 3–4 km are urban, heading towards Renens to reach the Vallon de la Mèbre.

At the entrance to the forest, your wheels leave the tarmac for a magnificent path, which climbs pleasantly along the river, through nice woods, occasionally dotted with large boulders.

This climb leads to a beautiful little waterfall, which you’ll have to climb up a short flight of steps to pass (unless you’re a salmon).

Shortly before Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, you get out of the forest, continuing on a single track between woods edge and fields, looking like a Windows screen background.

After a brief passage through the village, you enter the  (Jorat Woods), criss-crossed by pleasant forest roads.

Then you ride down to Montheron on a short, slightly steep single track, but it’s not too bad, then climb back up along the river Le Talent, still in the undergrowth, whose meanders create very pretty little lagoons in places. The climb continues, away from the watercourse, but still at reasonable gradients, to then enjoy several km of very pleasant singles, with no technical difficulties.

After a beautiful loop in this forest, you leave the Bois du Jorat on a slightly more technical single track, which runs for almost 2km down the Flon river gorge to the village of Le Mont-sur-Lausanne.

Then you enter the Bois de Sauvablin, and thus Lausanne. But the fun isn’t over yet.

You will soon be back on a slightly more technical single, skirting the Parc de l’Ermitage, from which you emerge by descending a few steps on the path, which the more daring will undoubtedly be able to negotiate without worry and without unmounting the bike.

All what’s left to ride, is to cross the Old Town of Lausanne, known as the Cité, passing in front of the Château Saint-Maire, seat of the cantonal government. In rue Cité-Devant, you can take advantage of a large fountain to clean up a bit (at least I did, having done this tour on a muddy day), so as to be presentable for the Cathédrale de Lausanne. Since 1405, the bell tower of this edifice has housed a watchman, ringing and shouting the hours from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. in all 4 directions, 365 days a year, formerly responsible for watching out for fires and other perils. But unless you like biking at night, you won’t hear it. 

It’s also worth pausing on the cathedral’s forecourt to take in the beautiful view of the city, Lake Geneva and the Alps…

And then, back to the station, muddy but delighted, by crossing the 120 meter long metal arch of the Pont Bessières.

Route taken on April 22nd 2023, on a MERIDA Big Nine XT mountain bike


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