Luggage expert?

Leaving for vacation? On your way to your citybreak? Great!!

Let’s pack. You want light and mobile luggage. So the only pick is a small hand luggage or micro-suitcase on the train.

Aaarghh! And your running gear?

Let it home? No way!

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to run on Barcelona beaches and at the foot of the Sagrada Familia.

It’s not every day that you can run the steep streets of the Alfama district in Lisbon and enjoy stunning views of the city.

It’s not on every morningrun that you will see the sun rise over the “tourist-free” Coliseum in Rome

So what should you leave home to be able to pack your running gear in the suitcase?

Well nothing!

Thanks to various techniques for optimizing luggage space you can take everything (ok ok, maybe not everything, everything, everything, not all your dressing, let’s be honest), but you can make space for your running gear.

Here are these techniques you may already know by the way…

1. The sausage : roll clothes tight, from the bottom upm an tighten all those little sausages into your suitcase .

2. The stack : stack shirt and trousers on top of each other and fold sleeves and legs protruding, then put slightly this small package intp your suitcase.

3. The “shoe filling” known and practiced I guess :  the “shoe filling” is stuffing your shoes with all that can get into. In addition to filling the void, this has the advantage of preventing shoes from deformation by compression. Warning: do not do it with the shoes you are wearing wear, they are already stuffed… and avoid this technique if you tend to stinky feet…

4. Compost : put your dirty laundry in a sealable bag, roll the bag from the bottom to squeeze out the air (so preferably before closing the bag, ok?) then close it, and presto, your dirty laundry is under vacuum.

And so you’ve got more room for the new running shoes you bought.

So you see, no need to worry.

You can for sure pack your running gear wherever you go, and urbirun any city in the world…

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