Jaybird X4 wireless sport headphones

There are 2–3 essential things you need to be able to run and visit  with urbirun : legs, running shoes (except if you’re ultra minimalist), a beautiful city, a smartphone …

But what you also must have, as you need to hear our directions and our short tourist comments along your run, are headphones …

And for a few weeks, I have been testing the Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport Headphones

I was used to run with very basic headphones, for my music or for urbirun guidance, that kind of cheap headphones that I can lose or break (yes, I’m clumsy, so what?), without to much concern.

But as soon as you want to take a picture, for example, you have to unplug the headphones and then plug in again, the cable moves under your t-shirt, and every 5–10 minutes you have to move it because it bothers you, etc. .

And as Jaybird kindly sent me one of his wireless X4 headphones, I of course tested it.

So how is it?

In the box you’ll find the headphones, a small bag with all kinds of tips, so you’re sure to find one at your size, and that’s really convenient for you. There is also a small clip, if you want to secure the headphone wire to your clothes, but I have never used it.

There is a small USB charging cable, on which you simply clip the earphone to charge. Finally there is also a small pocket, very convenient to store and protect all that.

And there even is an app

Yes, with the Jaybird headphones, there is a dedicated app, so you can make very sharp and precise settings, in fact it’s an equalizer I think.

I’m not at all a specialist with sound and music issues, but it’s very easy to use, and you can really adjust the sound to hear the music as you like it.

You can of course record your various personalized settings, depending on the kind of music you will listen to.

On the app, you also find a selection of playlists, and you can add yours.

And in the ears, how does it fit?

The headphone itself fits really well to the ear, at least mine, and given the number of small bits you can choose from, it should also be suitable for yours.

There is even a small soft rubber “hook”, which helps to maintain the earphones in your ear, and that I find very convenient. If you do not like it, do not worry, you can easily remove it.

The headphones connect very quickly with bluetooth, and on the cable, there is a small three switches control panel, which contains the battery, and so you can really easily:

  • connect / disconnect

  • adjust the volume

  • move forward or backward in your playlist

The sound? It’s just perfect. For sure it’s really different from the headphones I usually use.

The sound is full, thick, clean and pure. I just love it. It’s almost like being in a studio …

And it’s the same when you start running: everything is perfect. The sound obviously, but also the comfort and the holding. The headphones does not move at all, and you forget it in 2 seconds …

So if you’re in the middle of the marathon training plan, or if you’re visiting Berlin, Paris or Bordeaux with urbirun, you will be ok : you listen to your music, you hear the urbirun directions, and you enjoy the beauty of the city.

And if you want to take a picture during your run, well you do not even need to stop listening to your music : you pick up your phone from your Quad Lock armband, and you take the picture of this unforgettable run … and you then simply keep running and listening…

Simple. Comfortable.

And what about the autonomy issue ?

I would say : perfect. The battery is very small (it’s actually the control panel on the cable), and for 1 month, I have only loaded it 2 times. I did not calculate precisely, but I probably ran between 15 and 20 runes… A sound tells you the remaining battery level when you connect, and basically, I confirm that the announced 8 hours autonomy is not just an advertising argument. And I used it in very cold conditions, which we know that batteries don’t like.

I do not know how regularly you run, but if you run 4 times a week, well you’ll have 15 days with a load … 8 runs of 1 hour, easily…

But that it’s clear that if you use it all day, when commuting, at work, in your bed, and I do not know where else, you may have to load it more often …

My conclusion ?

It perfectly fits and stays in the ears.

The sound is great.

The small 3 switches control panel is perfect.

The storage pouch is super convenient.

The autonomy is great in my opinion, considering the very small size of the battery.

And it’s water and sweat resistant, very easy to clean …

I must confess that I totally adopted it …

Now, clumsy as I am, I simply pray not to lose or break it too quickly…


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