134 days...

Injury hurts… your knee…
And it also hurts your bathroom scale…
Your head…
Your heart…
But I learnt a few things…

That running is very important to me

That fear of not being able to run again is overwhelming

That a MRI is noisy and boring

That physiotherapy is boring but at least you sweat a little

That I don’t like training-bike

That it’s easier to ride your training-bike watching series

That muscles melt very quickly

That you need more motivation to do some physio exercise every morning than to wake up for a winter chilly dark morning run

That laudryroom doesn’t always smell cold sweat

That there are many many levels in Candy Crush

That it’s easier to organise your day when you don’t have to go for a run

That when you think you miss running at the highest point, and that the miss is over, you can miss it even more a few weeks later

That an epidural anesthesia doesn’t hurt

That when your leg is asleep, it’s very strange, just as if it isn’t yours anymore

That my eyes get wet when I talk about running again, soon, maybe, don’t know when

That being along the course on the road side, at the start and at the end of an half-marathon supporting my brother in a race we ran many times together is far much harder than running it

That my toenails doesn’t have to be black

That my great wife can endure me, and support me, even in these moments,

That her support was as precious as when she’s chanting for me along a marathon route

That when you get medical green light, 134 days after your last run, you don’t care the weather, the rain, the wind, the cold, you just go

That when your knee seem to be running ok, you enjoy every step, every raindrop on your face, every gust of wind, retaming the move, your steps’ sound, your breath music, your pace, your speed, even slow

That you get back to your body, get back to earth, to yourself, that you reconnect

That you can run, crying and sobbing like a child, yelling under heavy rain… I am back! I am fucking back!!

That your eyes can be wet, only writing this

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