Run in Zurich - Highlights

Distance : 10.75km / 6.7mi  (*9.7km/6mi short route)
Elevation : flat
Direction : clockwise
Parks/Pedestrian : 4.25km (ca 40%)
Urban constraints : low

Suggested start : Main train station Zurich HB, on the riverside, towards National Museum
As any urbirun route, you can start whereever you want. Watch for the route direction.
Public transportation : tramway 4, 7, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, Bahnhofquai station
With official support of Zürich Tourism. (c)photo_zürichtourismus

World Class. Swiss Made.

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Enjoy this route across the heart of Switzerland economical capitol, along the Limmat river. In this lively and peaceful city, between history and modernity, you will discover the Old town streets, the beautiful lakeshore, the financial and commercial center, and some charming calm and secret places.

*Alternative route : you can shorten the route to 9.7km at ca km 6.5
NB : if unsure, please feel free to check your position on the map and the track

With the official support of Zürich Tourism.

World Class. Swiss Made.

NB : if unsure, please check your position on the track on the map.

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urbirun Zürich 10.7km .gpx tour

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