Bored to run...?

“Frankly, you’re not pissed off when you run? … Oh no, but seriously, I could not, it’s so boring …”
Sure you already heard that before, don’t you?
We would prefer to hit the wall in the 6th kilometer than to admit it, but it’s true that very rarely, sometimes, running is boring …
But everyone is also bored by doing many other things, all of us, but strangely no one ever asks about it. Probably because they are bored too …

So here are our 10 tips to overcome boredom when running, if it ever happens to you …

Counting sheep
Materials needed: sheep. Attention, so very difficult to practice when running in a city.
Advantage: usually scroll faster than kilometers.
Side effect : risk of falling asleep, which can lead to a fall on a sidewalk and temporary (cross fingers) damages to your smile…

42.192, 42.193, 42.194, 42.195,… stooooooooooooooooop

Running with music
Materials needed: headphones (well, you’re not going to have everyone undergo your playlist.
Advantage : good for motivation and pace, unless you are listening to Tibetan meditation music.
Side effects: even with the headphones everyone will still benefit from your favorite song, and you’ll look stupid singing loudly alone, may also cause untimely rain falls (it happened to me although I do not have ever had the scientific proof of the effect of my singing on weather), or you may start to dance instead of running (that doubles the rain fall, at least in my case)

Materials needed: imagination, and the spirit of adventure. You can for example gamble taht way, “when I see a car whose plate ends with an even number, I turn to the left”, then “when I see something yellow, I turn to the right”, “when someone smiles at me, I keep going straight, ”etc. etc.
Advantage: you don’t know where you are running to, and that’s sometimes fun.
Side effect: you may never return home, the chance being of a facetious character (well you can maybe cheat, but chhhhhht)

So now… left or right?… I don’t remember what I played… ok so let’s go left.

Break the training routine
Materials needed : courage. Do a bit of interval training, fartleck, I do not know, kind of 30/30, a 10×400, or a pyramid 1000, 2000, 3000, 2000, 1000.
Advantage: you really feel good… after… You feel powerful and unbreakable. And in addition, it clearly has an effect on your performance.
Side effect: recurrent swearing, shouting, crying, it’s f** hard…

Focus on a goal
Materials required: balls (figuratively, of course), to dare to click and register for a race (if possible not when you’re drunk)
Advantages: gives you a good reason to train, motivates you during the effort, and you receive a medal in true fake.
Side effect: you can not give up, and you will probably piss your entourage off (yes, you will…)

Ooooooops I did it again…

Do not run only flat routes
Material needed: hills, slope. Very difficult to practice in Belgium, unless you climb a motorway bridge. Much more common in Switzerland for example.
Advantage: good for the breath, for the muscles, and for the sight (no, not your eyes’ health).
Side effect: you may stay hooked up to enjoy, the way down is not always nice for the knees, if you’re old like me.

Do not run alone
Material needed: a friend. Can sometimes be found at the corner of a bar, at school, or at work. Yes, look around you, and try to find one for you.
Advantage: very practical to motivate you to go for a run, or not to give up when it’s hard. You have your pride.
Side effect: you chat (but it can be good for basic endurance), and you’ll have a beer after (good for hydration and mood, but not for the belly).

Vary your routes
Material needed: imagination. Because without that, you are likely to leave the house, run to the school, then right along the train, the bridge on the left, then this fucking straight line, the big loop on the left with the house with a broken gate, the creek, the dog that will yell behind the palisade and make you jump even if you expect it every time, etc … Stop!
Advantage: you will discover the surroundings of your hometown. I think that in  a 25km long and 10km wide area (I am surrounded by mountains), there is not a road nor a path on which I did not run.
Side effect: you will sometimes lose your way, come back late, and be thirsty.

Material needed: a suitcase, a day off or two. Did you ever went to Copenhagen, Rotterdam? You do not dare to go for a run there? Nevermind, don’t worry, you can, there is urbirun for that. These are for sure not the ideal cities for hills, and if you like to run up, go to Lisbon, Porto, Lausanne or San Francisco… We have a route for you, here…
Advantage: we will be very happy, and you will discover a new scenery, you will not feel the kilometers, and you will keep an unforgettable memory of your run …
Secondary effect: you’ll want to do it again, as soon as possible.


Run the night
Equipment needed: at night, and something to be seen (especially) and to see (just a little, not too much, to enjoy the special atmosphere). Insomnia also works, but avoid sleepwalking anyway.
Advantage: you do not see where you are running to, the whole universe, the whole atmosphere is different. It’s silent, dark, often lonely, but delicious.
Side effect: you won’t want to stop or go back to sleep, and it’s not always easy to fall asleep after the shower. Can sometimes be scary, if you are afraid in the dark.

If no one of these tips suits you, you can also run and think of an answer for the next one who will say to you: “No, but frankly, don’t you get bored running so long …?”

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